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Richmond Automotive Car Care Centre – Licensed Roadworthy Testers

Each state has different requirements when it comes to roadworthy inspection. Talking about Victoria, here a roadworthy inspection is called as a certificate of Roadworthiness. And, you require this when:

  • You sell your car
  • You re-register your used car
  • You need to clear some defect of your car

For this, you require a licensed tester who is able to issue you the roadworthy certificate.

Richmond Automotive Car Care Centre is one of the leading names in the automotive industry known for serving accurate roadworthy inspections. Our professional and licensed team of mechanics have been delivering best mechanic services in Richmond and other nearby suburbs from last 36 years. We have been operating since 1982. Hence, if you want a roadworthy certificate near Prahran, South Yarra or any other surrounding suburbs – we have you covered.

If your car fails the roadworthy inspection, you are entitled to a FREE re-inspection up to 7 days after initial inspection.

Why Get a Roadworthy Inspection Done For Your Car?

There are many reasons why you need a roadworthy inspection:

  • You are able to identify the issues that can further be rectified by the manufacturer when a new car warranty is about to expire
  • You are able to give your buyer an assurance that your car is in good working condition
  • You get a peace of mind when making the big decision of purchasing a car

Get Your Car’s Roadworthy Inspection Today

Getting your RWC near Prahran won’t take time. Contact us today on 03 9428 5693 and book your inspection today. If we find no issues with your car during our comprehensive check, we will issue the RWC immediately.